A Brigand’s Story


Brigand is…

Brigand is stubborness and perseverance towards a goal, a vision.

Brigand is sharing expertise and technique.

Brigand is what you want when everything else won’t satisfy you.

Brigand is the idea taking its form. 

Brigand was born with Maurizio Tancredi, even before being founded. He worked as designer first for Ducati and then for Benelli. Emigrant in Canada as Project Leader for BRP during long and cold arctic winters, he starts working on an ambitious project: building his own motorbike. 

Obsessive and meticulous biker, loves a good first glance as a professional deformation; the style solutions proposed in the tuning market started being unsatisfactory for him, so he began foreseeing the turning point: on made production of motorbike components able to satisfy both technical and aesthetic needs. 

The idea harbored and warmed by a fireplace during long dark nights in a small Quebec town, then made real down in the basement of the same house, shaped into an equipped garage; hours and hours of back and forth between the computer to design it, and the equipment to realize it. 

In the meantime, Maurizio starts confronting with the only ones able to understand and support him, old friends and colleagues in Italy that shared with him ideas, opinions, travels, passions and disappointment too. 

The brigand spirit was still intact, ready to ignite again despite distance and time in between. 

Two former Benelli colleagues join up: A Project Manager and Giuliano Lucerna Surface Designer in f1 as with their wealth of technical experience; as well as two old time friends, Leonardo Romaniello and Rossano Savino, inseparable adventure pals since the carefree university times, when juvenile discussions were still focused on age-old debates about quality between European versus Japanese, debates going on along high alcohol content nights. 

Brigand is not only a brand, a company, a firm or a garage: is the idea to live on bike, for the bike and with the bike in every aspect of the experience.

Follow the brigand path, join the clan, grab the reins and abandon the rules, the shadow of the Brigand is by your side, champing at the bit. 

Become a Brigand.